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What Are Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-ray

In our modern world, technology and medicine are very interconnected. These two fields rely on one another to discover new ailments, develop treatments, and ultimately make everyone much healthier.

When it comes to dentistry, the digital x-ray is one of the latest and greatest tools in cutting-edge medical technology. This is why we’re proud to use digital imaging here in our Mt. Olive office! Thanks to this innovative equipment, we can look at a person’s teeth in incredible detail and devise the best treatment plan possible.

Still, you might be wondering: what exactly IS a digital x-ray, and how does it differ from the x-rays you’ve had in other dental offices? Let’s discuss the differences between digital and traditional radiology.

Why Do I Need X-Rays?

The vast majority of a person’s tooth is hidden under the gumline. This means that if a tooth is suffering from a cavity, decay, or other damage, it might not always be possible to see what’s going on.

X-rays give dental professionals a better look at your teeth and gums so they can identify problems and design treatment plans. With x-ray imaging, dentists can diagnose abscesses, dental crowding, and even cancerous growths! In fact, some dental problems are only visible with the help of an x-ray, which makes them a real asset in the dentist’s office.

So, now that we know why x-rays are important, let’s take a look at digital x-rays. What makes this new technology different from the x-rays of old?

How Do Digital X-Rays Work?

Most of us are familiar with the process of traditional x-rays. You sit in a dentist’s chair with a heavy, lead apron over your body. A hygienist places a small camera around different parts of your mouth. Then, he or she leaves the room, pushes a button, and comes back to move the camera once more. Before long, your dentist has a collection of photos, each one revealing what was happening in your mouth and under the gums.

Digital x-rays serve the same purpose as traditional ones. They help your dentist fully see your teeth, so he or she can properly assess their condition. However, digital x-rays use an electronic sensor to capture the images instead of traditional x-ray film. This provides your dentist (and you) with a better x-ray experience.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

First and foremost, digital x-rays are considered much safer than their traditional counterparts. In fact, digital x-rays expose patients to about 90% less radiation than older x-ray equipment (which means you won’t need that lead apron anymore).

Digital x-rays also help dentists form more informed diagnoses and treatment plans. Because these x-rays are digital (rather than images on film), your dentist can zoom in on an image and examine it more closely. Also, digital x-rays use virtual storage instead of physical film. This means that your dentist can take as many images as they’d like!

These benefits result in a safer patient, a more thorough examination, and a better treatment plan.

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If you haven’t had dental x-rays done recently (even if you aren’t experiencing any oral pain), it’s time to call your dentist and schedule an exam! Advanced Family Dental & Orthodontics in Mt. Olive is proud to provide you with cutting-edge digital x-rays. Our high-end tech expert advice will help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

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