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The Process of Tooth Bonding

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It is completely natural to care about our appearance and how we outwardly portray ourselves to others. We exercise, eat right, and dress in a way that makes us comfortable and happy while also allowing us to keep some level of control over how we look. When a tooth is lost or chipped, that control can feel like it’s slipped away, and we may be left feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable in public because of the change to our smile. For most of history, a broken tooth was a lifelong sentence, but luckily modern science and dentistry have come up with solutions to salvage smiles that have been damaged as a result of accidents or wear and tear! Tooth bonding is a relatively easy and long-lasting option for those who have suffered a lost tooth, and the process is much simpler than other cosmetic dentistry procedures!

Before You Begin

Your dentist will assess your individual situation to determine what kind of treatment is best for your damaged tooth. Bonding works best on front teeth and teeth that don’t sustain a lot of pressure during chewing and biting. It also works well on teeth that need minimal repair. If your damage is farther reaching or in a more heavily pressurized area, your dentist may want to use a crown or veneers to treat the problem. You can work with your dentist to come up with the best plan for your needs.

During the Bonding

The bonding process includes applying a composite resin to the teeth where cracks or chips are found, binding the resin to your natural enamel and hardening and molding it to fix the problem areas. When complete, the resin will be almost indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth. To place the resin, your dentist will need to buff and roughen the surrounding tooth material so that the resin can properly adhere. Because the roughening is done by a dremel, some sensitivity can occur during the process. Your dentist may want to numb the surrounding area to prevent any pain or discomfort you could experience.

After the Fact

It’s completely normal for your mouth to feel abnormal or foreign for the first few days after your bonding is done. Our mouths are very sensitive to changes (think of how strange it first felt when your tooth was initially chipped!), but you will become accustomed to the new feel within a few days. Practicing a diligent oral health routine will help to keep your bonded tooth from discoloring as well as contribute to the overall health of your mouth! It’s important to note that resin does not respond to whitening treatments, so keeping up with brushing will help keep your smile looking natural.

If you have a chipped or broken tooth and you think bonding could be the solution you’ve longed for, it’s never too soon to talk to your dentist about your options! There’s no reason to keep moving through life with a smile you aren’t entirely confident in.

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