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5 Facts Every Patient Should Know About Veneers

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Are you considering cosmetic dentistry to help improve your smile? Fortunately for us today, there are many different ways we can use dental advancements to help us achieve the smile of our dreams. However, with the wealth of options available, it can be daunting to fully understand different processes and what they can do for you! Perhaps you’re after a straighter, whiter smile but you aren’t sure the best route to take in achieving that goal. While there are a few roads you can take to get yourself there, veneers may be your best option! If you’re curious about veneers, read on to learn a bit more about this cosmetic procedure and what it can do for you.

1. Dental veneers can minimize imperfections.

A dental veneer is a thin, porcelain shell that is permanently fixed to the front of a tooth or teeth. They can be sized and shaped in any way, so they’re a great way to fix things like gaps in your teeth or other imperfections!

2. You don’t have to have them on every tooth.

Veneers can be used to correct one pesky tooth, or to entirely transform your whole smile! Versatility is one of the biggest perks of this cosmetic procedure. Your dentist will work directly with you to assess your needs and desires and come up with a plan to get you the smile you’ve always wanted.

3. They last a long time.

While veneers aren’t guaranteed for life, they should last for 15-20 years after you’ve had them placed. Eventually you will need to have a new set put in place, but with good care and a solid oral hygiene routine, your veneers should last for much more than a decade. They are about as strong as teeth and therefore are difficult to chip or crack, although it is possible for them to wear in these ways over time.

4. Veneers aren’t reversible.

It’s important to know that a commitment to veneers is a commitment to permanently altering your teeth. Because the protective enamel of your natural teeth needs to be changed in order to place veneers, it’s impossible to remove them and just go back to your old teeth. While veneers can help give you the smile you’ve always wanted, it’s important to consider that you’ll be forever changing the structure of your teeth by deciding to get them.

5. They can be placed in as little as one visit!

It will take between one and three visits to the dentist to have your veneers placed, depending on the complexity of your procedure. Thankfully, at Sunrise Dental Care, we have CEREC technology that allows us to create your veneers at your chairside. This allows us to design and create your custom-made porcelain veneers within minutes, so you won’t need to wait for them to be created in a factory!

Porcelain veneers are an increasingly popular way for individuals to modify their smiles.

If you’re considering veneers or would simply like to know more about the process involved in getting them, don’t hesitate to call our dental office in Mt. Olive today!

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