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Is Your Child Getting Braces or Invisalign? Here’s How You Can Make Sure They’re Taking Care of Them

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Braces and Invisalign can certainly be an investment, so it’s no wonder that you’d want to make sure your child is treating them well! To keep your child’s braces in good condition and ensure their braces are working quickly and efficiently, just follow these four easy steps.

1. Make sure they’ve packed their retainer case.

One of the most common ways that teens lose their Invisalign aligners is by accidentally throwing them away after they’ve finished their lunch. Therefore, rather than putting their aligners on a napkin while they eat, it is best that they keep their aligners in their retainer case instead. This makes it much more likely that they’ll keep their aligners clean and safe, so you don’t have to replace them! Therefore, while they’re rushing out the door, make sure they’ve grabbed their case and put it in their backpack.

2. Create an on-the-go dental hygiene kit.

With braces, it can be very easy for food to get stuck in your child’s teeth, which can ultimately lead to tooth decay (and, therefore, more dental work). To prevent this, you might consider making a small kit of dental hygiene necessities to keep their oral health in check. This might include things like a travel toothbrush, floss, wax, and mouth rinse. A small mirror and a rinsing cup might also be a good idea, as well as pain medication just in case.

3. Prepare foods that won’t damage their braces.

Unfortunately, there are a number of foods that your child will need to avoid if they have braces. This includes hard foods like chips, corn on the cob, candy, nuts, and even beef jerky. Chewy or sticky foods are also bad for braces, as they could pull the brackets off their teeth. Therefore, if you’re planning meals for the family, it may be best that you avoid any foods that could be difficult for your child to eat without damaging their orthodontic device. Try to keep softer, yet healthy snacks like yogurt or soft fruits in the house as well to help your kid avoid munching on candy or chips that could harm their braces.

4. Buy them a reusable water bottle.

It is not always easy for your child to run to the bathroom to brush their teeth whenever they snack on something. In these instances, swishing water in their mouth can help them to dislodge food particles and remove harmful acids that can lead to tooth decay. Therefore, you might want to consider buying your child a reusable water bottle that they can carry everywhere with them. This will allow them to rinse off their teeth wherever they happen to be!

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