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Can Your Front Teeth Get Cavities? Here’s What You Need to Know

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While we all want to maintain our overall health and do what we can to keep ourselves in shape, we can’t help but prioritize our physical appearance as well. While maybe it shouldn’t take our jeans being tight to encourage us to hit the gym, the fact is that most of us care for our health for reasons that include both our longevity and our looks. Our oral health is no different, with many people focusing on the whiteness and straightness of their teeth before considering their overall dental health. Luckily for us, most cavities and tooth decay happen on the rear teeth and these problems are usually impossible to spot with the naked eye. Occasionally, however, cavities form on the front teeth—affecting both your dental health and your appearance. If you’re wondering why you or your child has suddenly developed a cavity on your front tooth, read on to learn a little bit more!

Where Are Cavities Usually Found?

Almost all cavities occur in the molars and premolars, or the teeth at the back of the mouth used for grinding and chewing. Because these teeth are grooved and pitted, it is easier for food and other particles to get lodged in their crevasses and their location at the back of the mouth can make it harder for toothbrushes to reach, meaning cavities are significantly more likely to form here than in the smooth, easily accessible teeth up front.

How Can Cavities Form in the Front Teeth?

Young children are the most likely to experience front tooth cavities, due in part to the prevalence of bottle use. When a child is given a bottle, they have near unlimited access to a sugar-dense liquid that can sit in the mouth and lead to decay. Giving a child a bottle overnight is a surefire way to encourage bacterial growth and decay in a child’s mouth, but any form of unchecked bottle use can lead to front tooth cavities. Apart from children, adults may experience front tooth cavities if their oral hygiene routine is lacking. Skipping brushings, forgetting to floss, or overindulging in sugary snacks and drinks can all lead to tooth decay and rot.

What Am I To Do?

Fortunately, most tooth decay can be treated readily and easily by your dentist, when caught early enough. It’s important to visit your dentist regularly so they can check for signs of decay. If cavities are found, your dentist can clean the affected area out and use a filling to seal the hole and prevent further destruction. In extreme cases, a crown or even a full tooth extraction may be needed to remove the impacted areas.

If you suspect you or your child may have a front tooth cavity, or if you would simply like to schedule a routine checkup or appointment, give us a call at Advanced Family Dental & Orthodontics of Mt. Olive to schedule your visit today!

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